Crestwood  School



Kindergarten Discipline Policy


Our classrooms use the clip chart as our daily structure to track behavior choices. I am including a replica of our clip chart that explains our color system. Your child’s daily behavior chart will be placed in their folder. Please check over it and initial daily.

Our classroom rules are as follows:

1.     Follow directions quickly.

2.   Raise your hand for permission to speak.

3.   Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

4.   Make smart choices.

5.   Keep your dear teacher happy.


Please discuss these rules with your child. We encourage your support and strive to work together with you if any problems arise throughout the school year.

We do have Minor and Major Discipline Referrals that can be given for more serious behaviors. If your child receives one of these, the consequences are as follows:


**  Every ten days at the bottom of the chart will result in a Minor Discipline Referral


1st Minor:    15 minute loss of recess

2nd Minor:  loss of entire recess

3 Minors = a Major

1st Major:   loss of recess entire week

2nd or subsequent Major:  loss of class celebration


**  Mr. Lynch may have a meeting with your child if a minor or major referral is given.  Example minor and major discipline referrals are available.  If you would like to have copies of these please let me know and I will provide them.


We have read and discussed the discipline policy with our child.


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