Eagle Expectations


Act Responsibly

Give Respect

Listen Attentively

Encourage Others

Stand Tall, Be Proud


Eagle Expectations for 1st Grade



Act Responsibly…

1.     Come to class prepared (books, folder, agenda)

2.     Be in the classroom before the late bell.

3.     Turn in homework and money.

4.     Try your best.

5.     Keep your desk clean and organized.

Give Respect…

1.      Treat others the way you want to be treated.

2.      Do tasks in a timely manner.

3.      Keep hands, feet, objects, and unkind words to yourself.

4.      Raise your hand to talk.

5.      Be honest.

Listen Attentively…

1.     Follow directions the first time.

2.     Do not talk when others are speaking.

Encourage Others…

1.     Be a good role model.

2.     Use good manners.

Stand Tall, Be Proud: Bullying will not be tolerated.