Welcome to Crestwood School

The District is proud of its rich history and student accomplishments as it offers a well-rounded quality education to students of all abilities.

Paris Community Unit School District No. 4 is home to the Crestwood Eagles and the Paris Unit 4 High School Tigers.  The school currently houses 430 pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students (14% with IEPs and 2% with 504 Plans) with 200 high school students attending Paris High School.

While the school ranks high academically, this is only one factor contributing to the success of students.  In 2023 Crestwood Elementary was recognized as an exemplary school, while Crestwood Junior High was commendable. These are the top two rates from ISBE.

During the 2022-2023 school year, our Crestwood Lady Eagles brought home a state runner up in softball and a state championship in 8th grade girls' basketball. During the 2021-2022 school year, our Crestwood Lady Eagles brought home a state championship in 7th grade girls' basketball, a state appearance in girls' softball, a state appearance in 7th grade girls' volleyball and a state runner up in 7th grade boys' track.  In 2019- 2020 our 7th grade Lady Eagles were state champions. In 2018-2019 our 8th grade Lady Eagles were state champions. In 2017-2018, we brought home four IESA state trophies.  Our baseball team placed 4th in the state tournament.  Our 7th Grade Girls' Basketball team and our cheer team brought home state championships. The 7th Grade Girls' Volleyball team placed 2nd in the state tournament.  It is through the talent and hard work of coaches, players, and parents that events like these occur.

A main focus for Crestwood during the 2023-2024 school year will be looking toward improving our reading and science curriculum. All 6th through 8th grade students have a ThinkPad. All K-8th grade students will engage in a new science curriculum.

In addition to the emphasis on improving reading and science, teachers will continue teaching with the Common Core Standards and assessments to ensure data drives instruction at all grade levels.  Staff members continually work to ensure the alignment of all subject areas.

Crestwood School offers a well-rounded, quality educational program as evidenced by both data and several recognition awards.

  • A strong reading program at the primary level using data to drive instruction

  • Ecology Team – 1st place in Shelbyville Eco Meet in 2023, 3rd place in Shelbyville Eco Meet in 2022 and 2019, 1st place in 2018, 3rd place in 2015 and again in 2016

  • Scholastic Bowl Team - 6 trips to state finals

  • National Board Certified Teacher

  • ThinkPad laptop for every 6th through 8th grade student

Crestwood School annually coordinates many successful educational events and activities such as Pioneer Days, Learning Fair, Reading Challenges, classroom projects, field trips, and grade level music programs.  The school offers a variety of extra-curricular activities for student participation in which much success has been obtained over the years.

  • Girls’ Volleyball – State appearance 2022, 2nd State 2018, State appearance 2017, 2nd State 2016 in 8th and 3rd State 2016 for 7th; 2nd State 2015 and 4th State 2007

  • Boys’ Baseball -  4th in State in 2023, 4th in State in 2017 and 2nd in State in 2013

  • Girls’ Softball – State Runner up 2023, State appearance 2021 and 4th State 2015

  • Girls’ Basketball - 3rd in State in 2023, State Champions 2023, State Champions 2022, State Champions 2019, State Champions 2018, State Champions 2017, 3rd in State in 2016, State appearance 2014, 9 State Champion titles, record holder for the most state appearances, the most wins at state tournaments, and the most state tournament titles

  • Boys’ Basketball - State appearance 2017 and 2014 and State Champions 2005

  • Cheerleading – State Champions 2018, 2nd State in 2016; State Champions 2010

  • Boys’ Track – State Runner Up 2022 with 1 individual state champion medalist in 2022, 2 individual medalist in 2018, 2nd State 2017, 3rd State 2016 with 11 individual medalists including State Champion Relay Team; 3rd State 2004 while breaking two state tournament records

  • Girls’ Track – 1 individual state champion in 2022 and 2 individual medalists 2016

  • Chorus

  • Band

  • Art Club

  • Jr. High Musical – “Matilda Jr.” that amazed the audience

  • Science Club - Annual overnight cave camping trip to Blue Springs Cavern

  • Yearbook Club

  • Student Council

  • Bus Patrol

The district is excited about the opportunities for students at Paris High School.  Built in 2015, the building features a strong technology infrastructure, two STEM labs, a professional theatre, and collegiate-style cafeteria and library.  The building project is a venture between two districts and is the first of its kind in the state of Illinois.

With its small family-like atmosphere and caring, dedicated staff, Crestwood School is a great place to receive an education.  Please view the website for more details about the district and recent school events.

Our Mission & Vision

Vision of Crestwood School:

Building a Foundation One Student at a Time

Mission of Crestwood School:

The mission of Crestwood School is to create a foundation built with family and community presence in a safe and academically engaging learning environment delivered by effective teachers to enable our students to meet tomorrow’s demands.